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How To Make a Fondant Ghost

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How to Make a Fondant Ghost
2010-05-08 Other

I ghost is a great decoration for any Halloween cake, and they are so easy to make!!


Marshmallow Fondant, i have the recipe posted


1. Pull a chunk of white fondant and roll it in between the palms to make a smooth ball. Apply extra pressure, rolling the ball into an oblong shape. Stand upright on a counter top, flattening one end so that the oblong shape stands upright on its own. This forms the body and support for the ghost. If many ghosts are being made, make all of the ghost bodies first, and allow them to dry a bit while starting the next step.

2. Roll out a small quantity of fondant on a lightly greased surface. PAM spray works beautifully for this purpose, but any solid vegetable shortening can also be used. Alternately, use a light dusting of powdered sugar to keep the fondant from sticking to the counter top. The powdered sugar method dries out the fondant more quickly and can leave white residue on colored fondant, so the greased surface technique is preferred.

Use a sharp knife or circle cookie cutter to cut out a circle of the thinly rolled fondant. The radius of the circle should be slightly longer than the height of the ghost body.

3. Lift the circle of rolled fondant and set it on top of the ghost body, coaxing the fondant to fold in an attractive way. Use a food coloring marker (available from cake decorating stores and most major craft stores) or a very tiny paintbrush and black food coloring to draw on eyes and a mouth. Let dry for at least a few hours. This will allow the fondant to dry and harden enough to move the ghosts without accidentally squishing them.